Beautiful Skin Starts Here…… Like Each Client, Every Session is Unique. We Assess Your Skin, History and Lifestyle to Customize the Best Treatment Plan for You…… Includes Skin Care Education, Product Knowledge and Instruction on Maintaining Healthy Skin at Home

Express Facial – 30 Min.

Dual Clarifying Cleanse, Light Exfoliation, Minor Extractions

Intensive Acne Treatment – Beautiful Skin Starts with Healthy Cells
$85 & Up

After Assessing the Skin and Extracting Deep Impacted Congestion, Treatment May Require; Light Micro, Exfoliating Peels, and/or Oxygen Infusion

Deep Pore Cleanse – 45 Min.

Enzyme Exfoliation to Remove and Detoxify Skin Cells, Extractions to Clear Blockages and Refine Pores, Light Massage and Masque or Oxygen Blast – Customized for Your Skin Type

Exfoliation Peels
$85 & Up
This Treatment Based on Skin Type, Uses a Variety of 10% to 70% Pharmaceutical Grade Acids to Promote Light, Medium or Deep Peeling
**** May Require Downtime****

Micro Resurfacing Treatment – Our Signature Protocal – 45 Min.
$125 & Up
A Clinical Method of Combining Acid/Enzyme Solutions with Crystal Microderm to Exfoliate the Epidermal Layer of the Skin. Removes and Improves Many Skin Imperfections (Fine Lines, Dark Spots, Scars, Pores) Stimulates Collagen Synthesis and Leaves Skin Soft and Smooth. Oxy Blast or Brow Clean-Up Included

Procell MicroChanneling

$150 & Up

Great Results with less Downtime for Anyone Wanting Better Texture, Reduced Scaring, Dark Spots, and Fine Lines.

Glo 2 ReVive & ReBrite

$150 & Up

This Innovative Renewing Process Simultaneously Delivers 3 Essential Treatments at the Same Time. Centered and Bold below: BiCarb Exfoliation – Nutrient Penetration – Natural Oxygenation

Ultimate Restoration – The Science of Skin Rejuvenation
$175 & Up
This Aggressive Technique Uses a Combination of Layering Deep Penetrating Acids with Crystal Microderm to Effectively Remove Old Cell Layers and Reveal New Healthy Skin.

“You Will See and Feel a Visible Difference “

**** Requires Downtime****

Oxygen “Nutrient” Infusion – Hollywood’s Hydrating Rejuvenation Treatment
$95 & Up
Delivers 87 Different Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes and Amino Acids into the Skin Tissue Reaching a Cellular Level. Great for Improving Hydration, Balancing and Restoring All Skin Types. Excellent for Sensitive, Rosacea, Acne, Inflammation and Post-Op Healing.

Essentially “The Perfect Combo” – Power Peptides – Growth Factors – Stem Cell Proteins
Power Peptides, Growth Factors and Stem Cell Proteins are Deeply Infused and Penetrated into the Skin Tissue to Stimulate and Regenerate a Cell Renewing Process that Restores Your Skin’s Ability to Transform.
Visibly Reducing Wrinkles and Producing a Tighter, Radiant, More Youthful Appearance

“Instant Face Lift” 
$175 & Up 
Treatment uses current to strengthen and lift muscles. Generating Collagen and Elastin Production in the skin tissue, producing tighter firmer skin with long lasting results after one session.

The Tightening Legend “Reverse Aging”

$150 & Up $250 & Up w/micro

The Most Advanced Treatment for Clinical Long Term Results in Skin Tightening, Firming and Wrinkle Reduction.

“*Great Fat Reduction for Face and Body*.”

LED Photorejuvenation Light Therapy ~ Developed by NASA
Light Therapy “Face” – $25
Photo Biomodulation “Full Body Recovery” –  $40

One of the Most Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Treatments on the Market. A Clinically Proven Therapeutic Cell Renewing Process Utilizing Colors of Light that Penetrate Deep Into Skin and Body Tissue to Rebuild and Increase Collagen Production (up to 400%), Improve Circulation, Even-Out Pigmentation, Reduce Pain, Redness, Inflammation, and Heal Acne.

*Call for package pricing*

The Essential Back Treatment
$65 & Up
Exfoliate Dead Skin, Remove Clogged Pores and Hydrate Dry Skin with this Relaxing Beneficial Treatment; Includes Steam/Hot Towel, Exfoliation, Extractions, Massage and Masque.

**Body Resurfacing and Body Peels – Priced Upon Consultation**


Removes Unwanted Hair and Leaves Skin Smooth.

Eyebrow Design or Reshape – $15 to $20
Upper Lip – $8 to $10
Chin / Lower Jaw Line – $15
1/2 Arm – $25 – Full Arm $35 
Underarm – $20
Stomach – $10
Back – $45
Bikini – Just the Sides or Modified – $25
Brazilian – Front Strip w/Backside Done – $55 
Playboy – It’s All Gone – $65
1/2 Leg – $35
Full Leg – $65

*We Cannot Perform Waxing Services on Clients taking Accutane*