Massage & Body Treatments

Essentials Salon

Essentials Salon

All Massage Therapies are Customized to Meet Individual Needs

Swedish / Relaxation

$40 - 1/2 hour ~ $70 - 1 hour ~ $100 - 1.5 hours
Excellent for Those Who Want the Ultimate in Tension and Stress Relief

Deep Tissue

$80 - 1 hour ~ $110 - 1.5 hours
This Technique Uses Firm Pressure going Deep into Muscle Tissue to Release Knots and Promote Healing. *Not for First Time or Sensitive Clients*

Aroma Touch

$65 - 1 hour ~ $95 - 1 1/2 hour
We Use PURE Essential Oils for an AMAZING "Aroma Therapy" Experience to "Calms the Senses" and
"Massage" to Relax the Entire Body"

All massage pricing may vary and hot stones are an extra $10

All massage therapies are customized to meet your individual needs Swedish / Deep Relaxation $50 - 1 hour $70 - 1.5 hours Ideal for those who want the ultimate in tension relief. Deep Tissue $80- 1 hour $110 - 1.5 hours This technique uses firm pressure to go deep into muscle tissue to release knots and promote healing. *Not for first time or sensitive clients.

Essentials Salon

A Unique Therapy that Incorporates the Use of Heated Basalt Lava Stones with Your Massage. Great for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain

$75 - 1 hour
$95 - 1.5 hour

Essentials Salon

Essentials Salon

A Unique Blend of PURE Essential Oils Combined with Sugar or Salt to Exfoliate the Skin, Detoxify the Body and Improve Circulation. Leaves Skin with a Soft, Smooth Healthy Glow

$100 - 1.5 hour with Light Massage
Essentials Salon and Spa

Using Gentle Pressure Points in the Hands, Feet and Neck that Correlate with Specific Parts of the Body to Restore Balance, Aid in Healing, and Assist in Relaxation and Well-Being.

$35 and up - 30 to 45 minutes

Essentials Salon
Essentials Salon
Essentials Salon and Spa

Using COLD Stones in Combination with Pressure Points, Aroma Therapy and Facial Techniques to Relieve a Varying Degree of Headaches from Tension to Migraine

$35 and up – 30 to 45 Minutes